Yesterday morning we had our 20 week anatomy and gender ultrasound. It is such a special moment for me to watch my wiggly baby on the screen, to hear its heartbeat and to see the healthy, miracle I am creating inside of me. With each baby I can't help but shed a few tears with the greatest excitement and anticipation to welcome another special spirit of God's into our family. It is quite a humbling experience. 

For each of our previous babies we choose not to find out during the ultrasound what the gender is, but instead wait and do a big gender reveal photo shoot later that evening (see HERE for Taden and HERE for Maddie). Our families and friends hate us for making them wait all day, but I just love the special photos we have from our raw, initial reactions of finding out a boy or girl!! 

The BIG REVEAL below...........

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome another sweet, energetic, loving little boy into our family early February 2016!! Our family could not be more excited for your arrival little man!! I hope you're ready to be tremendously loved by two amazing siblings. 

All photos by Jess Maslyn Photography. Many more photos from our reveal and family photoshoot to come!

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