How can it be possible that I am already halfway through this pregnancy?! After fully realizing this fact this weekend, you can definitely say I am nesting mode! I feel like this pregnancy is flying by and I don't think it is going to slow down (or stop) any time soon. Let's just say my baseboards will definitely be cleaned this week (who knows how long between the last clean?!) and I am contemplating cleaning all the baby clothes too! Nesting here I come!! 

Oh, and did you hear our exciting news?! We are having a baby ... BOY!! See the post back (HERE!!) with our gender reveal pictures!! We are beyond thrilled to welcome another sweet, little boy into our home and can't wait to snuggle and spoil him!!

A few pregnancy updates: 

Eating: I have been steering clear of a lot of sugary things because too much sugar has been giving me a headache. Also, a lot of dairy will upset my stomach. Other than those things, basically I have been eating anything else in sight!

Feeling: Baby Boy kick and squirm all day, every day! (Aunt) Elisabeth was the first to feel you kick, quickly followed by Daddy at 19 weeks. The majority of my energy is back and most days I feel great!

Aches or Pains: Still struggling with lower back pain and pressure but stretching has seemed to help. By the end of each day I feel like my stomach could explode it has been stretched so much (though I know this is only the beginning!). 

Exercise: Still trying to work out at my barre studio 3-4 times a week. And then the days I don't make it, I count chasing and wrestling my kids all day as exercise!

Missing Anything: A goodnight's sleep!! I am up 3-4 times a night to pee and in between those wake periods I am having crazy, pregnancy dreams!! I can't wait for a good night's sleep in like a year!! 

Gender: A BOY!! (see here)

Baby Boy we are so excited to meet you!! We love you already and can't wait to shower you with lots of hugs and kisses all day, every day!!

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