How is it possible that my first born is three years old?! Lately I have really begun to understand what parents mean when they say 'time flies by' with your children. Some days it is hard to remember little Tate as a baby (maybe I have purposefully blocked that time from my mind!), but most days it is crazy to think he has been blessing our lives for three whole years! That's half the time Geoff and I have been married - and six years of marriage seems like a long time!!

Tate woke up to a room full of balloons and the biggest smile on his face on his birthday! We started celebrating his big day with breakfast out as a family - in our pjs of course (see picture here)! We followed breakfast with lunch and cupcakes at the park with friends and then riding our new bike up and down the sidewalk all day until bedtime. We ended the evening with lots of snuggles because the little man had a stomachache (I'm blaming the large chocolate milk from breakfast, followed by a couple cupcakes, and topped off with a glass of juice we gave him for dinner - that's about as much sugar as we give him in a week packed in a day!). To say his birthday was the best is an understatement (minus the stomachache!). There is nothing better than seeing your child happy!

We continued our birthday celebrations into the weekend with a Day out With Thomas adventure - see previous post and pictures HERE. He hasn't stopped talking about the train ride and meeting the infamous Sir Topham Hatt!! Our train adventures are continued through the following weekend as we celebrated with family with the best train party ever (see HERE)! ... and then this mama took a nap!!

Some important stats:

Height: 39 inches (90th percentile)

Weight: 38 pounds (90th percentile)

September 16, 2015 - Tate's first day of pre-school (I'm crying already at the thought of it!)

Favorite foods: strawberries, corn on the cob, carrots, watermelon, snap peas, ice cream, cashews, chicken nuggets, pepperoni pizza, Cherrios (he could actually eat cereal all day, every day)

Favorite activity: running (like a cheetah), acting like animals (mainly dinosaurs that involve lots of 'rooaarring'), face timing Meme every day, swimming, playing with his train tracks, reading books to Maddie

Favorite person: Maddie (no question there!)

What he wants to be when he grows up: a superhero

I can't believe how creative, imaginative, helpful, loving and silly this little boy is becoming!! He makes me so proud to be his mother and I feel like the luckiest person just for knowing him!

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