Yesterday we were fortunate enough to be surrounded by family and friends to celebrate this sweet boy turning three. Tate loves all things trains and so a Thomas the Train party was the perfect theme for his big day (check out when we got to ride Thomas last weekend - here). Themed parties are my "thing" and I tend to go a little overboard with all the details so get ready for pictures galore!

^^This may have been when he figured out that all these people were here for HIM!! This was the first year he finally started to get a "birthday" and that it meant it was a special day for him, with presents and cake and more sugar and even more sugar! It was so fun as a parent to watch how excited and giddy he was all day as we all celebrated our special little man. 
^^This would be the dessert table. Hence the reason why I went to bed on a sugar high (and still may be on one today)!!
^^Chocolate covered Oreos are one of my specialities and weaknesses. I may eat as many as I make but who is really counting?!
^^I wish I could claim the cake but I can't. I have officially surrendered and decided I can't do everything! For years I have tried to bake the kids birthday cakes and they are always completely failures! I have decided this will just have to be one of those things I outsource and I am completely fine with that!!
^^A train full of desserts! That is my kind of train :)
^^ Baby Lincoln (and his sweet parents) were driving back home from Nashville Saturday afternoon and were able to stop by to party with us! This girl has officially made a new best friend (or actually, she doesn't discriminate and she will make best friends with any baby these days). It is so sweet to see Maddie play and 'try' to take care of babies. 
^^This was definitely the highlight of the party!! If you asked Tate what he wanted for his birthday he only response ever was a birthday cake - specifically a Thomas cake! He was so giddy as he watched us pull the cake out and sang "Happy Birthday" with us with the biggest smile on his face!! 
^^Even though all he wanted for his birthday was a cake he was just as thrilled to accept gifts. His reaction for each gift was priceless!! 
^^My wiggly, squirming birthday boy!! (and those pigtails on my Maddie just kill me!!)
^^Thanks to this man for all his help in making Tate's day so special. He is the best dad!!

Happy 3rd birthday to the best little boy!! I love you so much and am so humbled and honored to be your mother. I love watching your grow and learn each day and can't wait to see the fine young man you will become. 

**And thanks to this girl for most of the pictures! I am not sure how I would have juggled picture taking and party hosting at the same time, you were a life-saver (as always!).

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