This week I am welcoming the third trimester with open arms!! Pregnancy is hard and this pregnancy has been much more difficult than the previous two. I think a majority of that has to do with the previous two, which are now toddlers of their own, and me chasing them around all day!!

Even though the past few weeks have been increasingly more difficult with a terrible virus I caught that lasted nearly a week and finding it nearly impossible to get comfortable day or night, I keep trying to focus on the incredible process of creating a miracle my body is currently doing. These bodies of ours are wonderful and amazing things to create a new life (think about it)! Though this phase has lots of aches and pains, they are worth it times 100. And, before I know it my arms and heart will be even fuller with this new babe in our lives. I am grateful for this incredible body I have to create these wonderful children and welcome them in our family. 

A few pregnancy updates: 

Eating: With Halloween a few weeks ago and Christmas cookies and treats just on the horizon, basically I have been eating way too much sugar! I still have to steer clear of too much cheese and I had a couple weeks of horrible acid reflux after my terrible virus (oh, the joys of pregnancy)! I also do try and squeeze in a few salads and protein smoothies in throughout the week :) 

Feeling: Baby Boy kick, dance and squirm all day, every day ... oh, and all night!! Both of the kids love to kiss my stomach all day and Tate has even felt the little babe kick a few times!. 

Aches or Pains: Basically everything is big, swollen and painful at this stage! Carrying this little man all day, on top of my bladder is no easy task and the occasional punches in the ribs aren't too pleasant either! Other than the usual third trimester aches and pains though, everything is great!

Exercise: I am still working out at my barre studio 3 times a week and am loving how the workouts are keeping me strong through this pregnancy!

Missing Anything: A goodnight's sleep!! Most nights I end up on one of our couches because I just can't seem to get comfortable in our bed. And then halfway through the night end up back in bed because I can't get comfortable on the couch. Oh, and then I'm up 4-5 times a night to pee! I can't wait for a good night's sleep in like a year!!

Gender: A BOY!! (see here)

This man is the best!! Every night I can count on the best foot rub and extra sweet, encouraging words of what a wonderful mother I am and how beautiful I look. He really is amazing and I don't know how I got so lucky to call him my eternal companion!!

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