Geoff and I had our patience a little (or a lot) tested this past weekend with our dear, sweet children. It was just one of those weekends where every other second one of them was crying or whining over who knows what or this one had a major blowout just after the other made a mess on his way to the potty! We kept looking at each other with glances that seemed to say "this isn't real life, is it?!" and when we immediately realized it was we did the only thing we knew to do ... park hop! All day, all weekend long!! I don't even know how many parks we ended up at total, but every time we made it back to the house and the tears and whining started we headed out!! (it was better than our original idea of driving around interstate 275 to pass the time, we actually considered it)

Even though the weekend was full of lots of unnecessary tears, it turned out to be so much fun with my little crew. Tate is turning into such an imaginative little boy and it is so much fun to see him play pretend with himself and friends he makes at the park. Maddie is turning into such a little dare devil and it is also fun and a bit scary to watch her attempt many most things at the park.

A few pictures from our day:

I don't know what I would do without these little ones that drive me crazy at times but give me the greatest joy I know! 

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