Each day for the month of November every member of our family writes (or draws) something they are thankful for on colorful paper leaves. We then string these leaves up all throughout our kitchen and into our living room. It can become quite obnoxious by the end of the month as we have 120+ little leaves hanging all throughout the house (especially for my 6'5" husband who has to dunk and dodge underneath all of the strings) but it is the most beautiful reminder that we are such a blessed family. I love taking a moment from each day to think about all that I blessed with and expressed in a small way the gratitude I have for these blessings. 

Today in church our service was focused on gratitude as we wind up the Thanksgiving holiday and begin the Christmas season. Many thoughts and quotes struct a chord with me this morning and during the entire service I kept looking down at these two little babes I am so honored to call my own. Though they were extra wiggly and irreverent today, tears kept streaming down my cheeks as I thought about all the joy and love they bring in my live. I love sharing sweet moments with Geoff during the church service as we look up at each other seeming to say to one another "how did we get so lucky?" (though sometimes we are asking for the other to rescue us from the chaos ensuing!! - let's be honest!). 

Some days I don't know how I got so lucky to be able to have these two little ones call me 'mom.' It is a humbling, sacred honor that I thank my Heavenly Father for each and every day. I hope as we continue this holiday season we will all remember all of our great blessings around us and remember to express the immense gratitude we have for each of them. 

Pictures are from Tate's preschool Thanksgiving feast and of crazy crew on Thanksgiving Day!

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