All last week Tate studied the subject "winter" in school. Each day he would come home and tell me that in winter 'we build snowmen and can have a snowball fight and have to make sure we wear our gloves and hats!' I replied each time with 'that's right! And how exciting it is that we are in winter now' to which I would get a confused look because we have not had snow to build snowmen or have a snowball fight and we haven't even had to wear gloves, hats and sometimes coats because it has been so warm! 'How could this be winter, mom?!'

Winter this year has definitely shown up late, but it has definitely shown up these days! With frigid temperatures and the fresh layer of snow we received yesterday morning, winter has arrived!! It was the best to see this little boy's face light up yesterday morning as he ran down the stairs to tell us it was snowing and at the thought of running through it (which he obviously did as we were running out the door to church, in his church clothes!). 

We did eventually take the kids outside to explore in the snow, and I even pulled out my camera!!

Maddie had a love/hate relationship with the snow. She was so cold and miserable but every time we tried to take her inside she would freak out. This little girl has quite the opinion these days, but she will probably need to be a strong girl with two brothers!

We have the best little hill in our backyard that is just perfect for toddler sledding. To Tate it probably seems like a mountain but in reality it is nothing!

^^Trying to stay warm with mama!

That face!! That smile!! Being the mother of these precious two (and another so soon!) is truly the best, most rewarding thing I have ever done. The days are long and sometimes the nights are even longer, but I would do all of them over and over again. I literally feel like my heart could burst sometimes seeing the happiness expound from my children! I am so grateful for this little family I get to call my own. 

Happy Monday and happy sledding!!

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