Warning: pregnancy rant below...

I have officially entered the none-of-my-maternity-clothes-fit (see picture above), I-am-waddling-everywhere, and this-baby-may-just-fall-out-of-me-any-minute phase!! I asked my doctor at my last appointment about extra aches and pains I am feeling in my thighs and she said ... 'Yep, that's what the third child will do! Basically everything has been stretched before and the muscles aren't as strong so the baby just plops into place a lot sooner and thus extra pressure!' ... oh, just wonderful!! And you better believe I am feeling that extra pressure and aches these days.

I think I have said it before, I am not one of those glowing, I-love-to-be-pregnant woman. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful and feel incredibly humbled to be given the opportunity to carry one of Heavenly Father's sweet spirits, but it doesn't make it easier. Being pregnant is just hard (remember the post HERE the last time I was pregnant?!). Making a human being not easy, especially when you can't sleep, walk or even eat a regular meal because you'll either have heartburn or acid reflux or just feel so uncomfortable from eating because there's literally no more room inside of you! I walk around literally feeling like my skin is going to rip off of me it is stretched so tightly. All I want to do is wear Geoff's large sweatpants and t-shirts all day (and some days I do!). Have I said being pregnant is hard?!

People don't tell you about all these pregnancy 'side-effects' before becoming pregnant. (I'm not sure any of us would really volunteer for this if we knew everything). What they do tell you about, though, and what you see is that glowing smile from each new mother staring down at her beautiful, perfect new baby. I do know through all these aches, pains and days of uncomfortableness they are worth it. The joy felt when you hold your child for the first time (and then every time after that) is more than anyone could ever describe and so why would we expect to receive that joy without much hardship. I know these hard, long days ahead of me the next 6 weeks will be worth it when I have my new, tiny babe in my arms. I love being a mother and feel incredibly honored to be given two, and another on the way, special children to raise, nurture and love. Being a mother truly is the best calling (even through all the trials - before and after they arrive :)

... and I do not promise this is the last pregnancy rant with this child. I will try to make them minimal though :) 

As always, thanks for reading and following us on our little journey!

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