The past two weeks I keep telling myself I need to make time to write down all these sweet memories we are making as we transition to a family of 5... but exhaustion! Life with three kids has been half joyful and half exhausting, and most days the exhaustion is winning.

So instead of lots of words, here are a few photos of me and my crew.

^^And sometimes we all just love our little brother a little TOO MUCH! 
^^Tate is so sweet with Nolan. Every time (no exaggeration here) he holds the baby he immediately starts singing "I Am a Child of God" and every time I can't hold back the waterworks! It is the sweetest thing and just melts my heart. 
^^And Maddie is just as sweet with him! If you ever ask her if she wants to hold the baby, her little body will shake with so much excitement she can hardly stand it! It is such a joy to see her grow into her new role as big sister :) 

Mr. Nolan - we love you more than you will ever know! You complete our family and I cannot even imagine what life was like without you (though part of that memory-loss may be due to extreme exhaustion!). Please stay little forever :) 

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