Easter day our family spent together snuggled up on the couch sick! I don't know if it was from too much candy the previous day or a horrible stomach bug, but either way it knocked us out! Luckily, we had spent the previous two days with family celebrating the Easter season, with lots of fun festivities for the kids. 

Friday evening Geoff and I (and the baby!) were able to attend an Easter Concert Geoff's dad was performing in. It was the perfect way to begin our Easter weekend and brought an amazing spirit into our lives to help us reflect on all that our Savior has done for us. On Saturday we were able to spend the day in Columbus with my family with lots of treats, games and spoiling of the kids! Here's a little recap of that day...

Miss Maddie had zero learning curve when it came time for the Easter egg hunt! She quickly caught on to the point of the hunt and immediately went hunting!! 
Tate and his facial expressions!! I have no idea where he gets them from - ha! This was the face he gave us when we told him he needed to wait just a little longer until the egg hunt could begin. Life with Tate is never dull. 
^^These two melt my heart!
 Basically this little one slept through the entire festivities! There was always someone willing to snuggle with him and he gladly accepted any open arms.
 ^^So much food... 
 Above and below ... Kelcey and Uncle Josh are so good to my kids!! Every time we see them my kids completely wear them out. We love them both so much!!
What would a family gathering be without an intense afternoon of competitive games?!
 And for the mere 30 minutes Nolan was not being held by someone Miss Maddie thought it was her turn to snuggle with him. She loves her little brother so much! It has been so sweet to see her nurturing and caring side come out the past month with baby brother. She is just the sweetest with him!

We had so much fun spending the weekend with family, celebrating Easter and our Savior's resurrection. Even though actual Easter day was spent at home, in our pjs, eating chicken noodle soup, we felt a great spirit as we talked with our children about our Savior and that He has risen. I know that because of his Atonement I can be with this wonderful man I am blessed to call my husband and with our amazing children forever. I am grateful for this knowledge and for my Savior's sacrifice. 

Happy, happy Easter - now let's go eat some candy!! 

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