How it is that my baby (well, I guess technically speaking she isn't my baby anymore!) is TWO already!! It seems as if we were bringing her home from the hospital just a few days ago (they all say that, but really it does!). We love our Maddie girl and she completes our family in so many ways. The best way to describe our little Maddie is adventurous, joyful, nurturing and oh so opinionated!! She has definitely found her bold, strong personality this year but I think she is going to need it with her two energetic brothers! Happy, happiest birthdays Maddie!!

Here are a few of Maddie's favorite things ... 
  1. Favorite toy: her new baby brother! And if he is sleeping or mom is hiding/protecting him from her, then her baby dolls.
  2. Favorite tv show or movie: she can't sit still more than 3-4 minutes and so she never really watches tv.
  3. Favorite thing to eat for lunch: chicken nuggets, french fries or PB&J
  4. Favorite game: she loves to play with play-doh or color pictures for family members
  5. Favorite snack: apples
  6. Favorite animal: giraffe
  7. Favorite song: The Itsy Bitsy Spider!
  8. Favorite book: Don't Push the Button
  9. Favorite person: it used to be her big brother, but I think he has been replaced by her new, baby brother!
  10. Favorite cereal: Kix or Cheerios (basically the only cereals we give them!)
  11. Favorite thing to do outside: ride in her wagon around the block ... while eating snacks of course!
  12. Favorite holiday: any that involves candy!
  13. Favorite time of day: the moment daddy walks in the door = the loudest time of the day as she can be found squealing full of joy!
  14. Favorite thing to eat for breakfast: eggs and pancakes
  15. Favorite hobby: playing with puzzles, brushing her teeth, shouting AMEN after her prayers and Facetiming Meme and Grandpa 
^^We are still working on "TWO" with our fingers!
^^Spinning, spinning to show off her pretty dress. She loves to be play dress up and is turning into quite the girly girl these days. 

Maddie we love you more than you will ever know! Please stay little forever :) Happy 2nd birthday sweet girl!!

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