Today I took Nolan in for his one month check-up and almost had a complete meltdown in the office. How is it that my baby is one month already?! This has most definitely been the fastest month in the history of months!! This little boy has grown and changed so much since he arrived into our family and each day we fall more and more in love with him.

A few stats
Height: 23 1/4 inches - 99 percentile
Weight: 11 pounds 12 ounces - 91 percentile
Pictures taken: far less than your siblings ... I'm sorry!!

Every day this little peanut (or not-so-little!) is becoming more and more social. Today I think I even caught a few big smiles for his mama! He loves to watch his big siblings run all around him, but hates the big, wet kisses his sister gives him! He just loves to lay on daddy's legs and stretch out, but isn't always fan of "tummy time." He is great at taking naps, but loves to stretch bedtime out to an all-evening-party (I think he just likes the individual time he gets with his parents once the big kids are off to bed! I don't blame him!!). Overall, though, this little one has been a great nighttime sleeper and even gave his mama one 5+ hour stretch the past two nights. He is the snuggliest, little bug in our house right now and we are trying to relish every newborn moment with him because we know they grow all too soon. We love you Mr. Nolan and want you to stay little forever (pretty, pretty please!). 

^^I know, I know!! Everywhere we go all I hear is "that hair!" I am hoping it stays so that at least one of my children has dark hair like their mama :) 

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