LIFE LATELY (oldies, but goodies!)

One reason I like to keep this old blog around is to remind me to continue to document my family's life and to give me a place to organize the thousands (literally!) of pictures I take weekly. I finally was able to find some time to upload pictures (all the way back to December - I know, I know I need to back them up more often!!). I found too many good pictures pre-Nolan's arrival that I just had to share this oldie, but goodie post!!
Tate has preschool every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and so for the past year that has been Maddie and Mom's date time! Some mornings we would find ourselves in cute cafes sneaking a second breakfast or go to my barre class to try and squeeze in a quick workout. Other mornings we would head back home (in style of course!) and make yummy treats that we would may or may not have kept all to ourselves! I miss some of those special one-on-one moments I got to have with my sweet baby girl!
The weeks leading up to Nolan's birth everyone in my family decided I had nothing better to do with my time waiting for a baby and we were all sick, sick, sick!! Many trips to the doctors for ear infections, pink eye and stomach bugs! 
Holy belly!! One thing (probably the only thing!) I miss about being pregnant is having the excuse to eat whatever and however much I want! Like for example, that entire plate of fondue treats...?!
I am so humbled and honored to be these two special humans mother. Life does not always look like the above pictures, quietly reading the scriptures together or happily smiling and hugging one another, but life is so full and so rich with them in my life. I love these two!

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