The couple of weeks after Nolan was born Tate has so many parties and programs with his school. A little overwhelming, but also a great distraction of truly how tired I was!! Above is a picture from his Wild West Day. I don't think I have ever seen a cuter cowboy!! And below are a couple pictures from his half birthday celebration at school. Since his birthday falls in the summer, out of the school year, they celebrate half birthdays. I made Ninja Turtle jello treats for his class and Daddy was the special reader during story time at his school. It was so much fun celebrating our cute, little Tate!
The picture on the right is from his Mom & Me Day at school. We made different crafts together, the kids sang songs for us and we indulged in a little ice cream together! I love being able to spend a little one-on-one time with each of my children and reminding them individually truly how special they are to me!
These two lately are becoming the best of friends! Sometimes life is so hard having children so close in age but then I watch the relationships form between them and it makes all the hard times worth it! 
For about two weeks straight we had someone in the family (luckily not the baby ever!) very sick! None of us got any sleep during that time and every night we had at least one kid in our bed all night. It is was a rough couple of weeks and we may have lived in our pajamas! But hey, we all survived!
Basically wherever Nolan is at is where Maddie will be! The new baby excitement has not worn off on her in the least bit and though sometimes it is completely annoying that she won't leave him alone, it is also absolutely adorable to watch her love him and try to nurture him. ... And, Meme got to visit us again this month!! We love visitors - especially grandmas!!
I love my little boys so much but having a girl is awesome!! This year I purchased us matching sandals because why not? But then sometimes we 'twin' by accident and it just as great!
^^That smile!

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