They say 'time flies when you are having fun' but seriously where did this last month go?! I have no idea how this little guy turned two months (actually a few weeks ago! ah!!). It truly feels like we just brought him home from the hospital last week. I feel like I have to take a double take when I look at him because I am just amazed daily at how big he is getting! 

He continues to be the best baby and his mood bounces back and forth from perfectly content to overly giggly! He is such a dream!! 

Sleep: Let's get right to the important updates! I started to see if we could get some sort of routine down this month in the sleep department. Overall you take 3-4 naps a day. The mid-morning one is usually on the go (sorry about that!) but you seem to manage it just fine! Most days you take a great afternoon nap at the same time as your siblings (thank you, thank you!!) and we are going on week #2 of regularly going to bed between 6-6:30 pm and waking between 6:30-7:30 am. Usually you wake for 2 night feedings, but the last 3 nights you only woke for 1!! Let's hope it continues and we are all on the road to a better night's sleep!! 

Clothing size: Currently 6 months, though I just purchased most of your summer wardrobe which contains mainly 9 month clothing. We don't make small babies in our family!

New developments: This month we are really getting to know your personality. You are so calm and mild-tempered. You are beginning to talk a lot more by making "goo" and "gaa" sounds! Your whole face lights up when you are given any attention and your little dimples come out (which I love!!). You have the biggest cheeks that are kissed a thousand times a day (at least!!). You have rolled from your stomach to your back 3 times and your neck muscles are very strong. You love your pacifier but have been constantly trying to find your thumb. Your big siblings love you so much and are always asking to snuggle with you. You tolerate them and even give Maddie some of your biggest giggles.

Mr. Nolan James, we love you so much! You fill our lives with so much joy and happiness! Thank you for your constant smiles, giggles and reminders to slow down and enjoy all the amazing blessings and miracles Heavenly Father has given to us. 

Check out his one month update HERE and his birth announcement HERE

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  1. TWO MONTHS! how his he two months. i swear he was born last week.



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