While driving in the car...
Casey: singing to something on the radio
Tate: Mom, you're so embarrassing. 
Casey: What did you say?
Tate: Please stop singing. You are embarrassing. 

The first time Tate saw me nursing Nolan... 
Tate: Mom, why is he eating you!

As we are getting ready to leave for our playgroup Easter party... 
Tate: Mom, I am going to wear my police costume to the party.
Casey: No, we are not going to wear any costumes to our friends house. 
Tate: But what about my pirate costume? I wore it for Halloween. It is like Halloween right?
Casey: Not costumes today.
Tate: But then how am I going to get candy? 

Tate: There's no baby in your belly?
Casey: Nope!
Tate: Oh wow, your stomach is flat. 
Casey: Bless you sweet child :) 

Tate: Mom, Maddie wants to watch Anna from Freezer. 
Casey: From Frozen you mean?
Tate: Sure.

What he says when he wants us to tuck him in... 
Tate: Mom, my blankets are broken. 

Walking into Home Depot with one hand carrying Nolan's carseat and my other hand holding one of Maddie's hands and Tate holding onto Maddie's second hand... 
Casey: You guys look like my little ducklings. 
Tate: Mom, we are not ducklings. We are your kids!

Little man, thank you for brightening each and every one of my days! I love watching your big personality grow and shine forth! You are so compassionate, helpful and creative. You are the best big brother and love each of your siblings so much! Thank you for being you - my perfect little Tate!!

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