As our Florida trip is coming to an end Geoff and I keep saying how this has definitely been our best trip yet! Life with kids is just so much fun!! Don't get me wrong, it is most definitely more exhausting traveling with kids, but as we have watched their faces light up during all the adventures and excitement packed into each day on this trip it has brought us so much joy and satisfaction! Now let's hope they still love life as much when we return back to our boring house, without grandparents to spoil them and their days are not spent all day in the pool and sun. Wednesday morning will definitely be a reality shock for them when they realize we have left paradise and mama bear is in charge again! But until then...
A few (or quite a few!) photos from our trip!!
Cookies, donuts, ice cream and any other treat packed with sugar have basically been the main food group we have consumed this trip! I do not think the kids have minded one bit! Or their sugar-loving-mama!!
One of our favorite things to do while visiting Florida is to take a tour of the fire station. They are so sweet to the children visiting here and the kids love checking out all the big trucks. And then Maddie proceeded to make a fire truck sound the remainder of the day... 
We were lucky to have our trip coincide with my brother and his now fiancé (see HERE) and we got to spend a week with them as well. And we even got to watch them get engaged and celebrate alongside with them (see HERE).
 We were able to meet up with Geoff's brothers family one day for a beach outing! It was so much fun  to have all the kids and family together. The weather was absolutely perfect and we even got to see a manatee where we were swimming.
^^Seriously the best beach baby there ever was!
Me and Maddie on the sidelines ALL. WEEK. LONG. This little girl wasn't too adventurous and was perfectly content most days just sitting along the beach or pool, though her favorite spot was in a pool chair eating snacks the entire time. Finally on the last couple of days we were able to get her in and swimming and even laughing!!
^^Half of the Stevens' cousins together for Memorial Day!!

Thank Mom & Dad for another wonderful trip to paradise. And thank you wonderful Florida weather for only raining one day during our two week trip (amazing!). We will see you soon again.

For more pictures from our Florida trip SEE HERE

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