Right here. This place. This is paradise. 

We have been home now for just over a week from our paradise vacation visiting grandparents and I am still missing it like crazy! Every day, all day we spent in the pool. Every day, all day we were spoiled by grandparents. Every day, all day I had an extra (X's 3) set of hands to help with the kids. To say it has been hard adjusting back to "real-life" for me (and for all of us) is totally an understatement! We miss my parents dearly but are so grateful for the time and memories created while in Florida and for now our post-pictures will just have to do (sorry for the overload!)

This little man amazed Geoff and I all week. For anyone that saw Tate around a pool last summer you know he would barely get in the water and most definitely never left the first step once he was in. His fear of water was so severe last year but with a winter of swim lessons this boy had no fear of the water while on vacation! It has been so amazing to watch him face and overcome such a big fear for him and to see the joy and excitement he has now while playing in the pool. Seeing him and each of my children grow and succeed at hard things is the greatest joy I have experienced. 
And this little cutie named pool time her designated snack time each and every time we went. I have no idea how Maddie is to little with how much she consumes on a daily basis!
^^Our little beach bum!
^^And these two got engaged on our trip - see HERE.
^^These kids sure do love their Uncle Josh!

Goodbye sunny Florida! We miss me and can't wait to return again soon :) 

See more pictures from our trip - HERE and HERE

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