My little brother and his long-time girlfriend Kelcey happened to be visiting my parents in Florida the same time we were this trip. It was such a special treat to have them in town at the same time but even more special when my brother told me he planned on proposing to her while we were all here! My dad is all about family pictures every time we all visit and so the plan was to propose to her at the end of our photoshoot so that we could naturally get the proposal photographed! We found the cutest little bridge for the background and as you can see she was completely surprised but just as excited! He did it the first night they were in town and so we had the rest of the week to celebrate with them! We are so excited she said YES and can't wait to have her in our family!!

A few pictures from the proposal... 
 ^^A formal picture of them before she had any idea what he was about to do :) 
 ^^The cutest!

Congrats you two lovebirds!! We are so excited to welcome Kelcey into our family, though she is basically already a part of it!! We love you both :)

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