Welcome to our chaotic life we like to think is exciting enough to document day after day.

We’ll get started with Geoff, the one who holds us all together. In his spare time, Geoff enjoys golfing, dreaming about my parents resident in Florida (which is located in the largest retirement golf community) and playing disc golf (I believe is a form of Frisbee and golf?!). Basically he enjoys golfing and being active.


Geoff is a financial advisor by day and a wrestling star with the kiddos by night. When he walks in the door from work, he immediately takes off his tie indicating his “day” job is over and begins playing and throwing the little ones around until they giggle so hard their tummies hurt.

Casey (that is me) is a financial statement auditor turned stay-at-home mom who spends her day changing diapers, feeding hungry kids, playing "cars and trucks”, reading every book on the bookshelf 212 times, swaddling babies, settling toddler tantrums, praying for an increase in patience, and praying again for an increase in patience – but she wouldn’t trade any of the monotonous moments for anything.


In her ‘free time,’ Casey is obsessed with her iPhone camera and constantly takes pictures of her adorable (somewhat bias) children. And, sometimes she tries to think she can snap a good shot with her DSLR camera (total amateur!). She enjoys trashy reality shows because it makes her feel better about her crazy, chaotic life (i.e. The Bachelor and yes, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, to name a few).

Taden (also known as ‘Tate’ around here) is a pre-toddler child. He is 2 1/2 but has the energy levels of three 2 year olds.


He is obsessed (this word is not used lightly) with cars and trucks, balls or basically anything he can throw, and dinosaurs, lions or anything that says “rrroooaaarrr!” He loves to run from one end of the house to the other, usually screaming. He can eat as much as his mother at most meals. He loves the Nursery at church because they give him a cookie, which is a rare gift for him at home. Overall, he is a very happy kid with lots of energy!

Madelyn is our baby girl and the light of her brother's life. The two of them are just 18-months a part and are becoming the best of friends.

She has been an absolute joy to have in our household. She loves to eat and eat and eat some more. She has been sleeping through the night since 5 weeks, angel child!! Her dad can make her laugh and giggle so hard. She loves her swing and silver rattle. She hates her carseat and long trips in the car. She loves going to the park and being in her mom's carrier. She is quite the princess in her bows each day and we love having another girl in our family.

Back to the beginning, the chaos all began in November 2008, where Geoff and Casey met at a church event (a dance for singles people – how lame were we!). They decided to date for a quick 3 months before they got engaged. Since the courtship was so short they decided to have a long engagement of 5 months (we don’t mess around!).


They were married in August of 2009 and since then life has been full of love and chaos.



All of the chaos resides in Cincinnati, Ohio and does not plan on uprooting anytime soon. Each day is an adventure, but is surely enjoyed to its fullest.

Stick around and get lost in Casey’s chaos.

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