Birthday's are my absolute favorite! The party-throwing, the giggles, the gifts, the cake! Yesterday we threw a joint birthday party (sorry poor-third-child Nolan!) for Maddie and Nolan. We had lots of family visiting, treats eaten and so much love shared. I really do not know how time has flown by that I now have a three-year old girl and my baby is one! What a wonderful day full of celebration though. 
There was not hesitation from Maddie when I asked what she wanted her birthday theme to be - Doc McStuffins! I think I have had more check-ups in the past month from "Doc McMaddie" than I have in my lifetime!! It has been so fun to see her imagination grow as her imaginative play expands and blossoms. She is such a bright little girl and we love her so much!
Nolan's birthday theme was "time flies" because this past year has literally flown by! My baby is ONE!! He is the happiest, smiliest, most pleasant baby to be around. He tolerates his big sister touching him all day, giggles with his big brother and saves his biggest smiles for his parents. He is seriously wonderful in every way!
These two (second) cousins are just a couple months apart and I foresee a lot of mischief in their futures together :) 
All day she kept asking me "when is everyone going to sing me Happy Birthday?!" It was most definitely the highlight of the event!
A little hesitant at first, but then he quickly understood what was in front of him and took no time digging in. Oh, I just love that blue icing covered face!!

Happy birthday sweet Maddie and Nolan - we love you both!!


This summer is flying by and I have yet to figure out how it is July but the fireworks in the sky all weekend tell me it is! We started off our wonderful Independence weekend with our kids favorite visitors, Uncle Josh and soon-to-be "Aunt" Kelcey :) The highlight of my weekend was definitely hearing Maddie say "Uk-le Jou-sh" because it is just the cutest thing ever! These two are the best sports around my kids and spoil them with so many hugs and kisses and all the pretend-play the kids ask for! And they even brave letting the kids chalk-art-trace-them, which can be a little dangerous (i.e. chalk in the eye, trip over your face - just to name a few examples!)... see below.
I seriously think this weekend was the best weekend of Tate's life. So many adventures were had, so much sugar consumed, so many people to entertain!!
Saturday morning we ventured downtown to Smale Park for a nice picnic by the river and carousel rides until we were sick in the face. I swear every time we go to this park/area I discover a new little area we have never seen. And what's more fun than exploring your city with visitors?!
^^Per Maddie's request she wanted to ride the "hop, hop."
This little man was a champ all weekend. Every night he was kept out WAY past his bedtime and naps were sporadic if they even happened! Oh the life of a third child... 
Saturday evening we went exploring along the Little Miami river. Sometimes I do not even know why we have toys because my kids could just throw rocks in the river for hours and hours of entertainment! And when you are by the bike trail you have to get shaved ice!!
Sunday afternoon we drove up to Columbus to visit and meet my cousin's new baby Mr. Finn! I suppose we also went up to visit other family members but once you have a new baby around they kind of trump everyone else, right?! :) He is just the cutest little thing and makes me wonder where my tiny baby went?
^^One of my few Pinterest wins this year!!
^^ Cousins meeting!

Somehow on Monday I managed to capture zero pictures. We spent the morning at a rainy parade - but the kids were able to see Anna and Batman (I think Tate has mentioned he saw Batman yesterday at least 100 times today!!). And then the remainder of the afternoon was spent BBQ-ing with Geoff's parents and celebrating the 4th with good food, great family and lots of tired eyes as this weekend totally wiped me! 

I may or may not have been able to stay awake for fireworks last night (I hear they will be doing the same thing next year! :) but Geoff took Tate to a near by show and all morning Tate has been walking around the house shouting "boom! boom!" and making firework motions. I think he thoroughly enjoyed it! 

I am so incredibly thankful for all that are and have served our country to allow us to have the freedoms and rights we are blessed to have here. I am so grateful for all my wonderful family and friends that enrich my life and help me to be a better person. I had the best weekend and want to press repeat for all future weekends ahead :) 

Happy fourth of July everyone :) 


Right here. This place. This is paradise. 

We have been home now for just over a week from our paradise vacation visiting grandparents and I am still missing it like crazy! Every day, all day we spent in the pool. Every day, all day we were spoiled by grandparents. Every day, all day I had an extra (X's 3) set of hands to help with the kids. To say it has been hard adjusting back to "real-life" for me (and for all of us) is totally an understatement! We miss my parents dearly but are so grateful for the time and memories created while in Florida and for now our post-pictures will just have to do (sorry for the overload!)

This little man amazed Geoff and I all week. For anyone that saw Tate around a pool last summer you know he would barely get in the water and most definitely never left the first step once he was in. His fear of water was so severe last year but with a winter of swim lessons this boy had no fear of the water while on vacation! It has been so amazing to watch him face and overcome such a big fear for him and to see the joy and excitement he has now while playing in the pool. Seeing him and each of my children grow and succeed at hard things is the greatest joy I have experienced. 
And this little cutie named pool time her designated snack time each and every time we went. I have no idea how Maddie is to little with how much she consumes on a daily basis!
^^Our little beach bum!
^^And these two got engaged on our trip - see HERE.
^^These kids sure do love their Uncle Josh!

Goodbye sunny Florida! We miss me and can't wait to return again soon :) 

See more pictures from our trip - HERE and HERE


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